Challenging The Real World Via AR/VR

We are working on everything that can challenge the reality. Our products are mostly AR/VR/MR. With Alpha you can see beyond your imagination

  • Indoor Navigation
  • 3d Building
  • Train

What is Alpha Reality?

Alpha Reality is a company working on cutting edge technologies We are focused on making great products using AR VR We think the technology world is on the bridge of a big disruption and everything will change with AR VR revolution


Location Based VR

Remote Assistant

ARA (is an Augmented Reality Remote Assistant which will provide junior members of teams with Augmented Reality signs and annotations from senior members in real-time to enable them to do complex tasks without extra training time.

Face Recognition

Face Recognition

Alpha Cognition is the best way to easily equip the cameras of your company or organization with Face Recognition technology. Alpha Cognition can be used for Black Lists, Managing Loyalty Systems and VIP Lists, Checking Attendance, and Surveillance.

AI Based Verification

Alpha KYC

Verifying users has always been a challenge in many processes. Using Alpha Reality user verification system users can verify themselves securely and completely remotely. The system can be used by Fintech companies, Governments, and E-Voting.

Location Based VR

Location Based VR

At Alpha Reality we provide the best and most immersive platform for a wide range of scenarios and let players take part in multiplayer games in Virtual Reality. We provide different scenarios in VR such as multiplayer shooting games, escape rooms, IP-based content, etc.

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